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How will we be church?

“You actually can't cancel Church. You can close a building, but we are the Church. We do not cease to be the Church!” - Tim Tennent

The question is how will we be the Church and what do we expect to be the outcome of being Church at this time?

We will be Church by journeying with each other and Jesus, allowing the experience to shape us so that we will be stronger, wiser and more unified together with Him in the challenging days to come.

We will be the Church with acts of kindness towards people inside and outside the Church as we strive to encourage and offer hope to a community that is understandably anxious. We will have to use alternate means of communication with phone calls and emails replacing handshakes, hugs and shared meals.

This will be a period of reflection and growth. It will teach us new ways of being Church.

#church #Jesus #creative #caring

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